Try These Nine Tips to Improve Your European Vacation

Here some tips in order to prepare the best your trip! Or you can still call us for more information at 913-766-8067 or visit our site 

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Leave room in your suitcase to bring items home. Those extra pair of shoes won’t be worth it when you can’t bring any cheese, wine, or antiques (bring bubble wrap) home.

Enjoy a few things thoroughly. Barely scratching the surface, covering too many activities, will barely register and you’ll have a less memorable trip.

Travel off-season — generally October through April in Europe. You'll get cheaper airfare, find more budget rooms, spend less time in lines, and meet more Europeans than tourists. 

Consider using a budget airline to connect distant cities. Europe's highly competitive no-frills airlines — such as Ryanair and Virgin Air — can often get you from one city to another faster and cheaper than the train. 

 Avoid touristy restaurants with "We speak English" signs and multilingual menus. Do a little research and make reservations before you leave. Search “destination restaurants” to aid you. If you find nothing, you can always ask a local. 

Picnics save money. Ten dollars buy a fine picnic lunch for two anywhere in Europe. Stock your hotel room with drinks and munchies upon arrival. 

Use ATMs rather than travelers checks. You'll get your cash cheaper and faster. 

Avoid hotel breakfasts. While convenient, these are rarely a good value. There are Starbucks all around the world and you can find early morning a nice hot fresh croissant. 

Museum passes can save time and money. Some passes pay for themselves in three visits and saves you hours by letting you skip the long lines and scoot right into each sight.


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